Tired of aimlessly wandering the gym floor, spending weeks with no clear routine to follow, and getting little to no results for your efforts? Trying to achieve specific results, but you’re uncertain how to reach those milestones? Need a little extra motivation and accountability? If so, you should take advantage of a personal fitness training session with one of our Certified Personal Trainers.

We love working with everyone to help you get fit, stay motivated, build more muscle, and most importantly, feel great about what you see in the mirror.

A healthy body equals a healthy mind. Our team is here to help you realize your potential.

Why choose the Sweat Box?

Let’s be totally honest here, you can get personal training at virtually any fitness center or gym, so what really sets The Sweat Box’s personal fitness training sessions apart from our competitors?

Three key components: FOCUS – UNDERSTANDING – SUPPORT


Not your focus, ours. When you purchase personal fitness training from a random gym, you could be signing up with someone that’s already in charge of dozens, if not hundreds, of different clients.

This makes it almost impossible for them to properly track your progress and suggest unique exercises that will best suit your needs. You end up just another name on their clipboard. You’re more than just a name when you’re training at The Sweat Box, you’re part of the family.


If you’re looking for a drill sergeant to scream in your face, while you’re trying to lift an amount of weight that could cause you serious injury, you’re in the wrong place. We understand that the vast majority of people aren’t going to be competing in bodybuilding competitions.

We’re here to make sure that you have all the techniques, equipment, and guidance that you need to create a personalized workout that will get you the exact kind of results you’re looking for, without ever sacrificing your safety or comfort.


We’re not here to make you feel bad about yourself when you slip up on your routine or don’t get the results you’re hoping for as quickly as some other people might have been able to. Each person has their own speed at which they mature their exercise habits over time.

We believe that sticking with their health regimen and using bumps in the road as learning tools, are the best ways to build lifelong healthy habits. Habits you’ll carry with you long after their personal fitness training has completed.

Personal Traing Prices

Individual Sessions are $85 each

5-Pack of Sessions for $75 per session

10-Pack of Sessions for $70 per session

25-Pack of Sessions for $65 per session



Come find your tribe and get your sweat on with a group training session. Sessions are always changing so that we can bring new challenges to our members and help them achieve better results.