Online Training

Accountability with Alex

Are you looking for a personalized workout plan? Do you have a dedicated space to workout but are tired of wondering what to do to reach your goals? Online coaching might be right for you!

Is this right for you?

Flexible Scheduling

  • Choose when to workout, where to workout, and at whatever time of day

Customized Programming

  • Built to your skill level, available equipment, and specific goals
  • Workouts can be tailored to current injury (if needed) to build strength back to weak areas

On Call Coaching

  • Weekly accountability call to maintain momentum with options for daily communication, quick adjustments, and form checks

Streamline Programs, Process, and Progress

  • Easily view your programming for the day, week, or month with a side by side view of your progress through the programming 
  • Workouts are delivered through an easy to follow app with photos, videos, and written descriptions of each movement 
  • Ability to upload and update progress photos, benchmarks, milestones, and measurements
If any of this sounds like you, let’s start the conversation! Start now with a free consult and let’s build your personalized plan! 



Come find your tribe and get your sweat on with a group training session. Sessions are always changing so that we can bring new challenges to our members and help them achieve better results.