The big box gyms and fitness centers aren’t for everyone. Our founders (Christine and Marc) were living that experience themselves. Busy locations, stuffed with more bodies than there is equipment to use. Equipment that’s left in disrepair for weeks or months on end. Group classes that are standing room only, and rarely offer any direct instructor interaction.

We wanted to create a premium fitness experience that anyone could enjoy, without all the headaches that go along with the bigger chains. Through that inspiration, and our desire to ensure people of every experience level have a place to go, where they can find support instead of judgment, we built The Sweat Box.

Everyone deserves the opportunity to achieve better health and learn better lifestyle habits, without feeling like just another name on a spreadsheet. Real achievement takes commitment from you and support from your peers. That’s the kind of welcoming, community atmosphere you’ll find at The Sweat Box.


Christine Steiniger

Owner/Lead Personal Trainer

Christine has been a full time personal trainer and group fitness instructor since 2016, and holds multiple industry certifications including Personal Training, Corrective Exercise, and TRX Group. Christine founded her personal training business – Body By Chris – and grew so quickly that she had to open her own dedicated fitness studio. You know this studio as The Sweat Box.

Marc Steiniger

Owner/Lead Group Fitness Trainer

Prior to opening The Sweat Box, Marc has been a part-time personal trainer and group fitness instructor since early 2018. Having struggled with poor eating and little exercise for much of his adult life, Marc draws heavily on his own weight loss journey (from 250lbs to 165lbs currently) to guide others on their health and fitness path.

Josh Gedje

Lead Kickboxing Instructor, Personal Trainer,
& Group Fitness Instructor

Josh holds his black belt in Shotokan Karate, which he has been teaching for over 7 years. You need to come experience Josh’s kickboxing classes for yourself! Josh is also a Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor.

Alex Young

Registered Kinesiologist, Personal Trainer
& Group Fitness Instructor

Alex brings years of competitive dance experience along with her amazing energy to every Group Fitness session. ​ Alex is an accomplished coach, who will push you to realize your personal best while keeping your form on-point. ​



Come find your tribe and get your sweat on with a group training session. Sessions are always changing so that we can bring new challenges to our members and help them achieve better results.